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EFMB - Casualty Management I
EFMB - Venipuncture and IV
EFMB - Triage and Evacuation
EFMB - Field Medical Card DD 1380
EFMB - Litter Evacuation
EFMB - Evacuation Request Procedures
EFMB - Vital Signs
Combat Trauma
Combat Trauma Quiz
Preparing Yourself for the Expert Field Medical Badge
EFMB Quiz 1
Basic Skill Questions for the EMT
Terminology Review Quiz
Terminology Review 1 Quiz
Terminology Review 2 Quiz
Airway Quiz
General Pharmacology Quiz
Glasgow Coma Scale Quiz
Venipuncture Quiz
Bleeding, Shock and Soft Tissue Injuries Quiz
Intro to First Aid and Basic Life Support Quiz
Soft Tissue, Bones, Joints and Muscle Injuries
Neurological Quizzes
LPN Quiz 1
Vital Signs
Basic Human Physiology
Organ Systems of the Human Body
Bleeding and Shock
Cardiac Emergencies Part 1
Cardiovascular Quiz
Control Bleeding
Emergency Response to Chemical/Biological Terrorist Incidents Quiz
EMT-B Prep
EMT-B Preparatory (True or False)
Field Sanitation
Gastroenterology Quiz
Medical Tasks Quiz 1
Medications and Administration
Musculoskeletal Quiz
PALS Assessment Quiz
Pediatric Development Quiz
Pulmonary Medicine Quiz
Quiz for the Orthopedic Specialist
Urology Quiz
Weapons of Mass Destruction True or False Quiz
EFMB Practice Test I
EFMB Practice Test II
EFMB Practice Test III
EFMB Practice Test IV
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic I
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic II
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic III
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic IV
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic V
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic VI
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic VII
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic VIII
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic IX
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic X
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic XI
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic XII
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic XIII
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic XIV
National Registry Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Examination Tips
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Tips
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Review Test I
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Review Test II
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Review Test III
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Quiz I
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Quiz II
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Quiz III
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Quiz IV
Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate I
Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate II
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz I
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz II
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz III
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz IV
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz V
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz VI
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz VII
Paramedic Sustainment Quiz VIII
Math for the EMT Quiz
Trauma Quiz I
Fluids and Shock
Advanced Cardiac Life Support I
Advanced Cardiac Life Support II
Advanced Cardiac Life Support III
Advanced Cardiac Life Support IV
Combat Life Saver I
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 1
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 2
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 3
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 4
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 5
EMT-B Sustainment Quiz 6
Medical Procedures 1
Medical Procedures 2
Responding to Emergencies
Physiology - Autonomic and Cardiovascular
Anatomy - Skin, Breast, Back, Shoulder and Upper Extremity
Anatomy - Thorax and Abdomen
Anatomy - Urogenital System
Anatomy - Lower Extremity
Anatomy - Neck
Medical Terminology Quizzes
Medical Terminology Match Game
Other Sites with Tests and Quizzes
Skin and the Integumentary System- Test Yourself
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology- Test Yourself
Chemical Basis of Life- Test Yourself
Cells- Test Yourself
Cellular Metabolism- Test Yourself
Tissues- Test Yourself
Skeletal System- Test Yourself
Muscular System- Test Yourself
Nervous System- Test Yourself
Somatic and Special Senses- Test Yourself
Endocrine System- Test Yourself
Blood- Test Yourself
Cardiovascular System- Test Yourself
Lymphatic System and Immunity- Test Yourself
Digestion and Nutrition- Test Yourself
Respiratory System- Test Yourself
Urinary System- Test Yourself
Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance- Test Yourself
Reproductive Systems- Test Yourself
Pregnancy, Growth and Development- Test Yourself
Human Physiology 801 Practice Exams
Airway Quiz
Electrical Therapy Quiz
MI/Stroke Quiz
Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz
Medical Quizzes
MCWMD Quizzes
Drag and Drop and Other Quizzes
Games & Quizzes - This is where everything is fun and games at the HealthyWay™ site
Cellular Immunology I
Cellular Immunology II
Clinical Immunology I
Clinical Immunology II
Humoral Immunity
Immunology Overview
Flash-Med Medicine
Quiz - Circulatory System
Quiz - Respiratory System
Quiz - Digestive System
Cardiovascular System Quiz (graphics)
Lymphatic System Quiz (graphics)
The Lymphatic System Quiz
Lymphatic System Quiz Sets 1-2-3-4
iVillage Quiz Central
Body Systems Quiz
Digestive System Quiz
Respiratory System Quiz (graphics)
Lymphatic System and Immunity Quiz
Quiz - Respiratory System
Respiratory System Self-Test
Respiratory Quiz
Biology Quiz Activities Games
44 Biology Quizzes
73 Disease Quizzes
38 Physics Quizzes
15 Health Issue Quizzes
73 Mixed Science Quizzes
55 Math Quizzes
26 Reproduction and Genetics Quizzes
22 Psychology Quizzes
74 Chemistry Quizzes
67 Human Body Quizzes
51 Miscellaneous Health Quizzes
Drag and Drop and Other Quizzes
Histology and Skeletal Self-Test
Muscular System Self-Test
Endocrine and Nervous System Self-Test
Circulatory and Respiratory System Self-Test
Reproduction and Digestive System Self-Test
Biology Self-Test
Chemistry Self-Test 1
Intermediate Algebra Self-Test
Microbiology Basic Concepts and Terminology Self-Test
Genetics and Bacterial Metabolism Self-Test
Respiratory System Quiz Sets 1
Bacterial Diseases Self-Test
Parasitic Diseases Self-Test
Viruses and Immunology Self-Test
ACLS Self-Testing and Assessment Tool
ACLS Multiple Choice Exam
ACLS Quizzes
Ambulance Revision Aid
Airway Quiz
Brain Teasers
Cardiothoracic Surgery Oral Boards on the Web
Dermatology Quiz
Electrical Therapy Quiz
Endoscopy Learning Center: The Image Show Section and the Quiz Section
First Aid Preparedness Exam
HeartScape's Heart Structures
MI/Stroke Quiz
12 Lead ECG Quiz
Online Nursing Related Tests
Online Quizzes: Health and Medicine
Online Test Questions for Professional Certification and Academic Entrance Examinations
Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz
Pretest for BLS
Pretest for ALS
Test Your Rhythm Recognition Skills
Emergency Medical Services Quiz
Respiratory Care Technician Practice Tests and Exercises
Head Injury
Head Injury 2
Grab Bag 1
The Mother of all Quizzes 288 questions, mixed
Airway part 1
Altered Mental Status
BBP Basics
EMS BLS Quiz 3
EMS Quizzes
The Other Burns
EMS ALS Quiz 1
EMS ALS Quiz 2
Bloody Hell
Oldies but Goodies
Intravenous Therapy for Prehospital Providers Pretest
LUMEN Histology Quizzes
Examinations in Organ System Pathology
Medical Jeopardy from The Brody School of Medical at East Carolina University
Jeopardy 1
Jeopardy 2
Jeopardy 3
Jeopardy 4
Jeopardy 5
Jeopardy 6
Jeopardy 7
Jeopardy 8
Jeopardy 9
Jeopardy 10
Jeopardy 11
Jeopardy 12
Jeopardy 13
Online Quizzes: Health and Medicine
Emergency Medical Services Quiz
Anatomical Orientation Terms
EKG Quizzer 1: Basic EKG Features
Heart Anatomy - Interior  View
Practice Exams for Structure of the Human Body
Medical Terminology and Other Medically Related Quizzes
Neural Structure Quiz
Neuroanatomy Cyberquiz
Sophomore Pathology Practice Exams
Tablet Dosage Quiz
Metric Conversion Quiz
Fluid Dosage Quiz
Intravenous Flow Rates Quiz
Sites with Professional Development Tests and Quizzes
Heart Quiz
Software Web Sites for Quizzes and Test
Pharmacology - Boston University's Pharmacology Exam
Pharmacology - Nebraska's Pharmacology Jeopardy
Pharmacology - Kansas University's Medical Pharmacology
Pharmacology - Active Learning Center
Pharmacology - ISAP - Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology
Pharmacology - Utah's Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Physiology Review Study Questions
Physiology - Arizona's Human Physiology Online
American Academy of Family Physician - Clinical Quizzes
American Academy of Family Physicians - Family Practice Management Quizzes
Online Laparoscopy Quiz
The Skull Practical
Normal Radiologic Anatomy Quiz Index
Online Laparoscopy Quiz
Wired Health Interactive
Interactive Checkup
Examinations in Pathology
Quizzes with Anatomical Images
Paramedic Test
Neuroanatomy CyberQuiz
USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology Quizzes
World EKG Encyclopedia EKG Quiz
Online Nursing Related Links
Brownson Nursing Notes
The Student Nurse Forum Self-Tests
Test Files
Pharm Phlasher
Interactive Quizzes
Additional Medically Related Quizzes(69)
Anatomy Quizzes
Flashcards, Word Searches, Concentration Games, Quizzes(395)
Drag & Drop and Other Quizzes(482)
Medical Terminology Crossword Puzzle Page(186)
Development and Genetic Diseases
Homodynamic Disorders
Environmental Pathology and Nutrition
Clinical Microbiology and Virology
Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Blood Vessels
The Heart
The Lung
Gastrointestinal Tract
The Liver
Pancreas/ Diabetes
The Kidney
Male GU
Female GU
Blood  and Lymphoid
Abdomen, Pelvis & Perineum Section
Embryology Section
Head & Neck Section
Thorax & Back Section
Upper Extremity Section
Lower Extremity Section
Gross Anatomy Practice Test 1
Gross Anatomy Practice Test 2
Musculoskeletal System Quiz 1
Musculoskeletal System Quiz 2
Musculoskeletal System Quiz 3
Musculoskeletal System Quiz 4
Musculoskeletal System Quiz 5
Histology Web Quiz
Musculoskeletal Quiz
Urology Quiz
Gastroenterology Quiz
Dermatology Quiz
Pulmonary Medicine Quiz
Pelvic Anatomy (U. Iowa)
Radiology (U. Washington)
TMJ (U.Washington)
Web-based Medical Texts
Neurobiology - Molecules, Cells and Systems
Pharmacology Quizzes
Biology Study Questions
Metabolism Problem Set
Neuroanatomy CyberQuiz
Physiology Review Study Questions
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Test Questions
Human Physiology Practice Exams
Interactive Exams
Tutorial and Quiz Library
RadQuiz Library
Pathology Review Questions
Cell Injury
Repair, Regeneration and Fibrosis
Anatomy Tutorials (U. Newcastle)
Intellimed's Anatomy
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Medical Anatomy Course (Loyola U.)
Gross Anatomy Quizzes and Tutorials
Anatomy Tutorials (U. Arkansas Medical School)

Directional and Positional Terms
Body Terminology
math lesson quiz 1
math lesson quiz 2
math lesson quiz 3
math lesson quiz 4
math lesson quiz 5
Practice Exercise 1
Practice Exercise 2
Practice Exercise 3
Practice Exercise 4
Practice Exercise 5
Practice Exercise 6
Practice Exercise 7
Practice Exercise 8
Practice Exercise 9
Practice Exercise 10
Practice Exercise 11
Practice Exercise 12
Practice Exercise 13
Practice Exercise 14
Practice Exercise 15
Practice Exercise 16
Practice Exercise 17
Practice Exercise 18
Practice Exercise 19
Practice Exercise 20
Practice Exercise 21
Practice Exercise 22
Practice Exercise 23
Practice Exercise 24
Practice Exercise 25
basic math final examination
First Aid Action (Interactive)
Nutrition Practice Quizzes
HepNet Interactive Learning Quizzes
Health Quizzes
Interactive Math Quizzes
Radiology Quizzes
Biology Quizzes
Pre-Algebra Quizzes
Put on Sterile Gloves
Place a Patient on a Cardiac Monitor
Manage Cardiac Arrest Using AED
Perform a Patient Care Handwash
Initiate a Field Medical Card
Measure a Patient's Intake and Output
Establish a Sterile Field
Change a Sterile Dressing
Perform a Wound Irrigation
Measure a Patient's Temperature
Measure a Patient's Blood Pressure
Measure a Patient's Pulse
Measure a Patient's Respiration
Measure a Patient's Pulse Oxygen Saturation
Open the Airway
Administer External Chest Compressions
Perform Rescue Breathing
Control Bleeding
PALS Assessment Quiz
Newborn Emergencies
Pediatric Trauma Quiz
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Pediatric Male GU Emergency Quiz
Pediatric Seizures
Pediatric Nutrition Quiz
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
cal Agents
Chemical Agent Knowledge
Newborn Emergencies
Pediatric Trauma Quiz
Pediatric Gastrointestinal Emergencies
Pediatric Male GU Emergency Quiz
Pediatric Seizures
Pediatric Nutrition Quiz
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies
USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams
Sophomore Pathology Practice Exams
Medical Quizzes
mcwMD Online Quizzes
Licensed Practical Nurse Quizzes
Anatomy and Physiology Matching Exercises
NHC Daily A&P Skeletal Quizzes
CME Quizzes On Line
Nursing Quizzes and Tutorials
Chemistry Quizzes and Tutorials
1001 Periodic Table Quiz Questions
USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams
Pharmacology Math
The Female Reproductive System Review Quiz
Histology Tutorial and Quizzes
Quizzes for Medical Language
Human Anatomy and Physiology Quiz List
Animated Anatomy and Physiology Quizzes
Self Test Questions for Reproductive Organ System
Foundations of Biology - Self Quizzes
Anatomy Lab:  Reproductive System Quizzes
Living Environment Practice Tests and Quizzes
Links to Online Quizzes All about Human Reproduction, Genetics, Pregnancy, Birth and Childrearing Quizzes.
First Aid at an Accident (procedural test)
The Material Safety Data Sheet Quiz: Part 1 of 7
Nursing Skills Test 1
Nursing Skills Test 2
Nursing Skills Test 3
Nursing Skills Test 4
Nursing Skills Test 5
Nursing Skills Test 6
Study Questions for Pharmacology
Practice Lab: NCLEX-RN® Exam
Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz
MI/Stroke Quiz
Airway Quiz
Electrical Therapy Quiz
Sample LPN Test
Sample RN Test
On-Line Practice Tests
Nursing Skills Quiz 1
Medical Biochemistry Exams
Military Studies Quiz 1
Jeopardy - Neuronal Reactions - Axoplasmic Transport - Synaptic Potentials - Connections & Circuits
Jeopardy - Somatic Receptors - Spinal Cord Anatomy - Spinal Cord Cell Groups
Jeopardy - Basics & PSAS - ALSTS - Spinocerebellar tracts

Jeopardy - That Hurts - Retro / Antero - Make it Stop, Doc!

Jeopardy - Basics -  Lesions - Cortico &  Rubrospinal - Vestibulo & Reticulospinal
Cystology Tutorials
Medical Question and Answers
Medical Student Practice Exams
Examinations in Pathology
Digital Phlasher
Online Laparoscopy Quiz
Surveys, Quizzes, and interactive Games from the Mental Health Foundation
Reimann's Picks for Anatomy Links
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology Quizzes
Practice Hematopathology Quiz in Pathology
A- Z Health Quizzes
Medicine and Public Health through Time
General Internet Health Resources
The WWW Virtual Library of Cell Biology
Alfabetic List of all Netsim Links
HealthCare Quizzes
Medical College of Wisconsin
Test Your Medical Knowledge
Continuing Medical Education Web Site Links
Medicine Health Directory
Student Doctor Network - Medical Games and Quizzes
Health Sciences : Tutorials
Food and Nutrition Information Center - Interactive Toolbox
Health Ink & Vitality Communications - Interactive Tools
Interactive Medical Site
tutorial links
Online Training Materials
Medical Links by Topic
Miscellaneous Medical Links
Land of Medical Links
Medical Education: Alphabetical List of Subjects
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Software

Research Answers and Questions
Trauma Questions and Answers
Medical Pharmacology and Disease-Based Integrated Instruction
Electrical Therapy Quiz
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Quiz
Emergency Protective Preparedness Exam Series
Play Quiz: Body Positions now!
Play Quiz: Poisonous Quiz now!
Play Quiz: A Medical Terminology Quiz now!
Play Quiz: Medical Terminology Quiz II now!
Play Quiz: Respiratory Care now!
Play Quiz: Basic Life Support- EMS now!
Play Quiz: Medical Eponyms now!
Play Quiz: Emergency Medicine Techniques now!
Play Quiz: Poisons and Poisoning now!
Play Quiz: Rx Abbreviations now!
Assessment and Testing
Tests and Quizzes
Cool Tools and Quizzes
HeartCenterOnline Quiz Central
Games - Crosswords - Quizzes - Surveys - Tests
Pathway Quizzes in Neuroanatomy
Medical Transcription - Quizzes and Tests
GP Quizzes
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology Quizzes
USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams
Medical Quizzes for First Respondersl
Cell Injury
Repair, Regeneration, & Fibrosis
Developmental & Genetic Diseases
Hemodynamic Disorders
Environmental Pathology and Nutrition
Clinical Microbiology and Virology
Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Blood Vessels
The Heart
The Lung
Gastrointestinal Tract
The Liver
The Kidney
Male GU
Female GU
Blood and Lymphoid
The Hepatitis Information Network - HepQuiz
Practice Exams for Structure of the Human Body
A Healthy Advantage - Patient Care Quizzes
Muscle Physiology - Simulation
Gross and Developmental Anatomy - Learning Aids
Muscular System Interactive Quizzes
Matching Exercise - Femur
Matching Exercise - Midsagittal Section
Matching Exercise - Spinal Column
Matching Exercise - Shoulder
Matching Exercise - Lower Leg
Matching Exercise - Ankle and Foot
Examinations in Pathology
WebAnatomy: Skeletal System Interactive Quizzes
Self-Testing for Anatomy and Physiology
Hole's Anatomy and Physiology - Animation Activity Quizzes
Anatomy and Physiology Interactive Exams
WebMD - Quizzes
Study Guide and Quizzes
Study Aids and Quizzes
Medical Study Stacks
The NCEMI Question-A-Day Page
Emergency Medicine - edquiz
Exploratorium: Don't Forget! Playing Games with Memory
Anatomy and Physiology Animation Quizzes
Medical Quizzes
H-N CCAC Medical Quiz "A"
H-N CCAC Medical Quiz "B"
Pharmacology Quiz
Vaccine Quiz
Take a Health Quiz
Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer Risk Factor Quiz
Cancer Risks Quiz
Healthy Heart Quiz
Healthy Diet Quiz
Osteoporosis Quiz
Medical Terminology Practice Quiz
Human Physiology Practice Exams
Pathology Quizzes
Interactive Exams
Cell Physiology Quiz
MCQ Test Bank
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology Quizzes
Medword Games and Quizzes
Neurology - Self-Study Quiz 1. - University of Debrecen, HU
Neurology - Self-Study Quiz 2. - University of Debrecen, HU
Neurology - Self-Study Quiz 3. - University of Debrecen, HU
Allergy Quiz
Asthma Quiz
Arthritis Quiz
Cancer Quiz
Cholesterol Quiz
Depression Risk Quiz
Heart Arrhythmia Quiz
Heart Attack Quiz
Heart Disease Quiz
Heart Murmur Quiz
High Blood Pressure Quiz
Lung Cancer Quiz
Menopausal Problems Quiz
Menstrual Problems Quiz
Uterine Problems Quiz
Missile Wounds of the Head and Neck Volume 1 Quizzes
Missile Wounds of the Head and Neck Volume 2 Quizzes
Anatomy & Physiology Basics
Bones & Articulations
Muscle Tissue & Physiology
Muscle Tissue Self-Quiz
Nervous Tissue
Autonomic Nervous System & Vision
Basic and Advanced Level First Aid Quizzes
American Family Physician - Clinical Quizzes
Family Practice Management Quizzes
The NCEMI Question-A-Day Page
Biology Quiz
Laboratory Quizzes
Anatomy Lab Practicals (U. Warsaw)
Anatomy Quizzes (U. Utah)
Intermediate Emergency Care: Principles and Practices
Paramedic Care: Principles and Practices (Five Volumes)
Essentials of Paramedic Care
Chemistry Quizzes

Disclaimer: These quizzes are being provided to refresh your knowledge or to help study for any upcoming exams. These are for fun only and do NOT provide any Continuing Education Credit. These questions are taken from the latest nationally known Basic Emergency Medical Technician textbooks, and are not based on any specific state protocols.


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