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This site consists of frames pages. To the left with the pale background is the Navigation Frame with all the buttons. No matter where you go on the Course site, you will have the Course Navigation at the left for easy navigating. At the bottom of longer pages will be a Back To Top link to jump you back to the page top.

Book Marking
If you are using Internet Explorer:
1. Click Favorites on the menu bar
2. Select Add to Favorites... from that menu
3. Then click OK

1. Click Bookmarks
2. Select Add Bookmark

Netscape Communicator:
1. Click Communicator on the menu bar
2. Select Bookmarks
3. Select Add Bookmark

There are several pages that have a Print this Page link at the top for easy printing purposes.  For the other pages, make sure you click within the text of the page you want printed before selecting print.  In frames pages, the last frame you clicked in will be the one that prints.

Printing a selection:
If you want to print only a section from a page, highlight the selection you want to print before printing. Click File and select Print. From the print menu, be sure to select Selection under Print range then hit OK to begin printing.


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